What is Energy Work?

The alternative healing I perform operates on principles based on quantum physics, primarily within the subtle energy auric fields around the body. These are undetected by the normal senses, but they support life and are essential for its functioning.

These therapies are procedures used to understand the extent of the energetic disturbance in the malady or condition. The various therapies then apply vibration and frequencies to the energy field to reestablish normal energy flow. This “rebalancing” supports healing and advances overall health.

Energy therapies are available to you at our farm by booking an appointment in advance.  These approaches focus on preventative care rather than medications. They are used to alleviate agitation, insomnia, anxiety, and prolonged stress. They remove the long-term negative effects these have on your body’s ability to heal itself.


What Happens?

Sound vibration, neuromuscular touch, Reiki, and crystals are used by the therapist to reestablish, redirect, and rebalance your bioenergetic field and major organ systems. This accellerates healing at the molecular level. 

Energy therapy can provide peace and greater well-being and help you achieve balance and quality of life. Energy therapy is non-invasive and holistic; it addresses your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects.

Energy therapies may benefit you if you…

  • Sense you are “out of balance,” “out of sorts” or “in a funk”
  • Have personal confrontations which leave you with negative vibes you cannot wash off
  • Have experienced loss of self, relationship, job, marriage or a loved one
  • Have experienced physical or emotional trauma
  • Desire to eliminate the negative effects of childhood, teenage or marriage years
  • Need major organ detox from prolonged use of pills or eating toxic chemicals in your food
  • Need to eliminate repeated and unhealthy patterns in your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors
  • Want a new approach to pain and/or digestive and circulatory imbalance
  • Want to reprogram your life to have daily living come to you with more ease and joy




(Clients wear clothing for all sessions.)


Reiki: 30 min.

Use my hands above your body’s major and minor energy centers and organ areas to channel and infuse energy into the general areas; successful for treating pain; added to other sessions. 

Organ Detox: 60 min. 

A salt ionization footbath to remove toxins and yeast from lymph, blood, kidneys, gallbladder, and liver. 

Chakra Re-Balance: 60 min. 

Charts how your energy flows in your 7 major energy centers; uses crystals with pin-point accuracy to rebalance flow and infuse energy into chakras; increases body’s ability to heal itself; recommend monthly. 

Sound Healing: 60 min. 

Use tuning forks of specific (Hertz) sound frequencies on your body’s major and minor energy centers and organ areas with pin-point accuracy; successful to treat pain, rebalance energy flow, and recharge body; raises overall frequency vibration of your body to connect with your intuitive self. 

Access Consciousness BARS: 90 min.  

Use fingertips to provide gentle flow of energy through circuit paths on head; release unwanted behaviors, perceptions, judgments & emotions blocking life coming to you in ease and joy; overtime this re-programs how you respond to the world and people in it; recommend 5 sessions; package available. 

Multi-Modality Treatment: 60 min. 

Creates a personalized treatment plan just for you; combines Reiki and Access BARS, with crystal therapy and sound healing to detox and rebalance 7 major energy centers and eliminate unhealthy behaviors. 

Soul Level Healing: 90 min. 

Place crystals on your body to relax you into theta (healing) state where all healing begins; detox chakras; remove negativity from the energy matrix around you; addresses family, self-esteem, sexuality, ego, ability to forgive and receive love; opens spirituality; addresses elimination of unhealthy patterns and behaviors; recommend 4-5 protocols for a breakthrough; package available.


Energy Therapy Sampler:          3 for $180

One session each: chakra balancing, sound healing, and Access BARS.

Soul Level Healing:                      5 Sessions $350

Eliminate negative childhood experience; Healing past emotional & physical trauma; Deleting undesirable life patterns & imprints from parents, siblings, spouse; Imprinting unconditional Love; Imprinting unconditional Acceptance from the world; use crystal therapy protocols to heal on Mental, Physical, Emotional and Spiritual levels 

Access Consciousness BARS:     5 Sessions $350 

Kate applies these healing modalities to people. She also works to address their relationship and issues with their horses. Services are provided on-site and at locations in western Pennsylvania and central Virginia. To discuss this work, call Kate directly if you have questions. 

Call Kate Sewalk to reserve an appointment: (434) 391-3366

“As a scientist, I know what ionization is. After several sessions of the foot detox I was amazed at what came out of me. I have new vitality, my joints do not hurt, and my cholesterol went down.”


CJS; Pittsburgh, PA

“At age 82, after several sessions of crystal therapy, I can say, for the first time in my life, that I get up not hating my mother.”


LN; Charlottesville, VA

“Since my session, I have felt more peaceful. I have not had a flare-up or episode with my irritable bowel syndrome.”


PL; Ligonier, PA

“Connecting me with my Guide was so good. This work gives me a peace that is beyond understanding. I am less pulled by the stuff of life. After this work the family issues don’t even matter anymore.”



LMN; Richmond, VA

“The etheric parenting session really did reverse all previous painful lessons; now I feel unconditional love for my father.”

RO; Johnstown, PA

“My sense of self-esteem, and self-love have grown so much that I feel I am blessed to have done this work. The crystal work has changed my life. I now have the confidence I was so desperately seeking. I only wish I did this much sooner.”

AW; Harrisonburg, VA